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Les trouvailles What caught my eye
Here are a few interesting links that got my attention. I LIKE: Julo Workshops: crochet made jewelry OeilNoir: minimalist jewelry and fibre art C3S: hand casted plaster candle holders Parceline céramique: delicate and poetic objects made in porcelain Tableware by Katy Lemay: vintage pictures and jewellery BURT: artisanal and natural custom made soaps Créations MirePoix: [...]
Mon expérience à Etsy Montréal : Marché des fêtes My experience at Etsy Montreal: Holiday Market
Yes!! I was one of the lucky people to be chosen to be one of the 70 exhibitors at Etsy Montréal: Holiday Market! Now that the market is over, I can take a deep breath and analyze my experience! I remember when I first saw the Facebook post announcing the call for applications for the [...]

What caught my eye this week

Les trouvailles de la semaine What caught my eye this week
Here are a few interesting links that got my attention this week. Four steps to creating epic share-worthy blog posts by The Social Butterfly Gal 51 tools to build, organize and grow your business by Pinkpot 10 clever ways to use social media to grow your email list by Melyssa Griffin How to get the [...]

Hello world!

bonjour l'univers hello world
Yay! Finally, my first blog post! My website is done, my Etsy shop is online, my social media are ready and I’m more determined than ever to take G&W l’atelier as far as I possibly can! In September 2015, I decided to concentrate on my project. Well, in fact, it’s not really a “project”, it’s [...]