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G&W l’atelier is a small in-house workshop where I create awesome handmade boho chic accessories. I also have a creative blog for small business owners and handmade lovers.

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genevieve primeau

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Who? What? How? Why?

G&W l’atelier is my secret place where I create handmade happiness!

Let me introduce myself: Geneviève Primeau, proud owner of a small in-house workshop in Sainte-Catherine, on Montréal’s South Shore, Québec, Canada.

My approach turns into perpetual therapy. When I create in my workshop, I learn a lot about myself (an endless quest!), I push my limits and I let off steam from the everyday craziness.

You guessed it: the ‘G’ in ‘G&W l’atelier’ stands for me. The ‘W’ represents the most important thing in my life: my kids (‘W’ is the first letter of their family name). Having little monsters and owning a part-time company is a challenge much like going into space: possible, but not without a will of iron.

In my workshop, I test, I develop, I explore. I love what’s simple and natural. No frills.

My products are constantly taking over my brain: in the car taking my kids to daycare, during my kids’ bath time, at lunchtime at work, in my bed while I’m trying to sleep, at my Kung-Fu class executing a side kick, but mostly in my workshop, my haven of peace.

I invite you to visit my Etsy shop to see and buy my products. Enjoy your shopping!

And please don’t hesitate to contact me for wholesale or retail sales. I will be happy to chat with you.